Great fantasy

I woke up crying, I cried until I couldn’t breath then I realized it was just another stupid dream.

I’m dreaming a lot and on top of that I’ve started to do things in my sleep like hitting the wall or yelling in my sleep. I even hit my sister with my arm, she slept through that so it’s good but I don’t have a good sleep sometimes because of the dreams. 

My mom called me right after I texted her about my nightmare and she told me that it’s a sign of that I have good fantasy. And my friend think that I should write a book about what I’m dreaming about but I don’t know… I just want to have a full nights sleep! 😅

Things to not think about

  1. You and how you ruined my life with those lips.
  2. Which exams I failed on and need to do again and the assignments I need to write again.
  3. What’s wrong with me and if I’m going to die of heart attack when I’m having a panic attack.

La vida

La vida no es justo, nadie tiene todo. Yo quiero ser feliz porque tengo todo lo que quiero pero no… no sé porque, no sé cómo pero siento triste. No quiero ser triste pero es que toda pasa durante el mismo tiempo y yo soy un explosión de sentimientos.