She left us too soon

A woman who grew up in USA, born in Colombia. She knew she was adopted and a few years ago she searched for her birth family with help from a private investigator. When she found her family, she found out that she was kidnapped. Her birth mom was drugged and didn’t want to give her up for adoption.

Many people who were adoptees too could follow her when she skyped with her family for the first time and when she met her birth mom and brother for the first time. She wanted to help other adoptees to find their families as well. Today I woke up and read all over Facebook that she died in a car accident this night. It feels so unfair since she recently met her family for a few weeks ago. People could see the live stream when she met them at the airport.

Her name is Marisa Bocanegra and I want to send prayers to her relatives and her family. And I want everyone to follow their dreams and do what you always wanted. If you want to search for your family but you’re afraid, put the fear aside and do it. Maybe it’s too late tomorrow. Well it’s about everything. If you love someone… say it! or show it! If you miss someone, pick up the phone and call!

And for me… I’m going to be with my family this weekend because my huge family comes first all the time !

R.I.P Marisa Bocanegra, You’ll be in our minds and our prayers 🙏🏽


This is what my Sunday looked like 

Christmas carols with the choir and then I came home pretty tired. I hope the Christmas will be good this year even though me an my family have been through a lot.

I like Christmas, the Christmas is cozy but right now I’m too stressed to feel the coziness.

Adult but not always

I’m in that age that you feel old in some moments and the older adults (like in moms age) treat me like I am one of them but sometimes I’m still that twenty one year old girl who don’t know much about life. I must say it’s a confusing age, either I want to be older with a family and kids or younger when I was a kid and mom did everything for me. 

Two days ago it was something wrong with my sink and it was water all over the floor. I just wanted to cry because I couldn’t fix it and I had no time for it. My daddy thought of me as that 21 year old grown woman I was and thought I could fix it myself , sadly I just made it worst. During that time I just wanted my dad to go to this town and apartment to fix it for me. But I had to call a man who I need to pay for that. 

During this age the most of the people like me are about to learn how everything work, how the country work, and how to take care of ourselves. And sometimes you just wanna leave it and relax, that’s when you go home to mom, let your brother cook the food and your mom will make your bed and your dad will take you home in the car from the train station. I can’t wait for that time ! 

I miss you

When I realize you’re not here anymore I don’t cry anymore but it hurts… more than anything. I know you want us to continue with our lives but it’s so hard. I miss your sence of humor, I miss how you cared for us even though we didn’t notice it because you didn’t told us if you was worried. But now I know you cared. I’m so angry because you died too soon!