I’m not that easy as you think

To be honest I thought that people who talked about women’s rights and that men can be pigs were a bit too sensitive for their own good. But I get it now. No I still can’t say that all men are stupid idiots but I think that there are men who think that they can do and say everything to a woman.

Proof 1:

I used to know a guy who thought that it was the woman who should go to the kitchen and cook when the man was hungry. I don’t mind cooking when I want to do it. But when a person tells me to do something just because I’m a woman I will not do it.

Proof 2:

When I use Tinder and Badoo, I know that people write to me just because they are interested in me. And I accept that because that’s the point. But for example when a guy writes to me on Facebook, I assume that it is a guy who want to get to know me so we can be friends and maybe hang out some day because we have common interests. And maybe later it will be something more with that. And I like to talk to new people and there are usually no problems with that. But then it happened, a man started to talk to me on Facebook and I was happy because we could share experiences with each other and maybe take a coffee somewhere. But suddenly he writes “so why are you single?” and i sighed, it happened again. I need to tell you a little bit about my past. I was younger and I had low self-esteem. I liked when people said I looked good and people who are very tender to me. So I used to talk with a guy who turned out to be a douche bag deluxe. When I realized he was a douche I told him that I don’t wanna talk him more he litterally wrote that I was ugly (earlier he told me how beautiful I was) and he blocked me. I laughed since I don’t wanna talk with these people anyway. So back to the story. I know now how much I’m worth and that I deserve someone who is kind to me and not the first best. I wrote back “I want to be single, I just don’t like anyone that much”.

So please guys, I decide who I like and not you, I know I can be harsh. But I’m not that desperate as I was when I was younger. I know what I want and I’ll not be happy about the first best. And when I know what I want I fight until I get it…maybe it’s you. If it’s you… you’ll know it… soon.



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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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