Yeah I hate to say that I am adopted to people. Why? because people see you in a different way. If I’m saying to a latino/latina that I talk Spanish or that I am from Colombia, the following question will be “why do you live in Sweden then”. I feel like it’s good to be honest so I always say exactly why I live in Sweden. After that something change. they don’t see me as one of them and I feel more like one of them than one of the swedes.

For my friends in Sweden it is like I need to tell them about where I come from because it is a big part of me. Many of them don’t understand how important my origins are for me, maybe they think that I was a colombian citizen once but now I’m a swede like them. That’s wrong, because I will always be colombian, I am a colombian who happens to speak more Swedish than Spanish.

In this society it is a taboo with the word adopted. I admit, I don’t like the word because it brings you questions and it is like a minority, you’re not Swedish neither  you’re colombian. As long as you don’t say where you are from or why you live in Sweden you will be just like the others. I think more people should be more open about that they are adopted because then it shouldn’t be a “big deal”. So please don’t be ashamed about your past because the past is a part of you.


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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