Womens day

Today is an important day, believe it or not we need a day like this. Maybe not for me but for all of these women who earn less than a man, for all those women who have been unjustly treated by their boss, their husband, their dad or by the man in the supermarket. Men always say “we don’t need such a day like this” but we do. I’ve heard of women who have been sexual offended by their boss, a woman who was raped and murdered when she went for a walk and a woman who was beaten by her husband. In court, the perpetrator didn’t get the punishment as he should have.

To be honest I’m afraid of leaving the house when it’s dark outside. I went to the bar with some friends and I waited until my friend wanted to leave too so we could have company. When I go to the big city which my parents live in, I am afraid to leave my friends at night because I know that people have been raped and robbed in that city near housing areas but they were robbed and raped anyway. When I take the bus at night I look around to see if there are any creepy man who looks at me in a creepy way.

Women in some parts of the world don’t get treaten good by the society. In some countries the culture tell them that they should do like their brothers say, Some women have been left with kids because the man suddenly don’t want kids or is in love with someone else without any money from the man so she needs to work for two because she needs to pay for the kids. In some cultures the girl  has to marry a cousin or a very old man so she can have a good life even though she has no feelings for him and think he’s a bit scary. After they get married the man can do anything to the girl without any noticing it.

So if you think we don’t need this day, think again.


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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