Help with finding what you search for?

Okay it all started when a man wrote to me in bad Spanish and asked me to find a woman, the woman was the birth mom of his girlfriend.

My reaction was: “Omg I’m just me I am no superhero, I can’t do this by myself” but then I got an idea. I have contacts, and I have a bff who speaks Spanish, English, Swedish and French. Of course I can try! And of course I want all the help from you guys!

I’m a person who wants everyone to be as happy as I am and that’s why I got this plan. 

If you search from anyone in the world, write to me on my Facebook page “the life of an adoptee”. My friend is going to translate if you speak Spanish or French. I am a member in many groups for people who are searching for their family members and I have contacts on my Facebook who can reach out to more people (I hope them help me help you). Then I hope everything is going as I hope. 


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