My opinion about “lion”

I have finally seen it, the movie lion ! It’s about a boy in India, he didn’t want to stay at home by himself so he followed his brother to the train station, but he fell asleep on a train and went very far from where he lived. After a few adventures, a man found him and took him to an orphanage. He was then adopted to a family in Australia.

This movie wasn’t as I thought… in a positive way. It doesn’t only show you the “happy ending” when the kid get a new family, it shows the real feelings when an adoptee has a bagage of feelings and memories. It doesn’t show you that the adoptive mom wanted children without knowing about the bagage, she knew it all the time. Even though it can be a difficult to handle a child who has experienced bad things, she knew it.

I think the adoptive mom was very understanding. I recognise myself very much in his (the main caracter) way of thinking and  his feelings. I waited many hours to tell my mom about that I’ve found my birth mom just because I didn’t want her to feel like I didn’t want her anymore.

Spoiler alert

Now to the negative criticism. Okay there isn’t much bad about this movie. I just think that it’s so bad that they didn’t try more to find his mom than they did in the movie. They only searched for the mom in Calcutta and she didn’t live there. If they searched more maybe they would find her, I know India is a big country with many people so maybe it’s difficult.




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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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