Waiting for the romantic feeling

Don’t you just love romance and romantic movies? Well I do… very much. I watched the movie about The young Jane Austen. I thought that movie was very romantic and beautiful. I guess the reason why Jane wrote so many good books is because she experienced A LOT during her short life. Things can be romantic even thought it doesn’t end good. Love is a strong feeling that can make you do crazy things. There have been times you just needed to drink just to have a chance to meet him when you’re drunk. There have also been times when you spent a lot of money just so he good get some many so he understood how much he ment to you. Romantic things that don’t end good can give you experiences and you will learn how to not do in the future or who you shouldn’t meet in the future. As one more positive thing you’ll have the best experiences to write a novel lika Jane Austen.

But sometimes I look back at the past and think that I don’t want a horrible ending of a love story, I want a beautiful love story that will never end. Maybe that is why I’m not interested anymore about making out with any type of guy at the club and that’s why I’m not interested about talking with or thinking about the guys who only want someone to sleep with. I’m over that, I will only pay attention to that guy who treat me good…


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My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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