Anti social but forced to be social

When I was younger I used to hang out with myself after school. I wrote poems, I read books or watched movies. Of course I had friends in school and of course I used to be with my sister very much but it didn’t surprise mom if she found me reading a book in the sofa. All that changed when I moved to Varberg, I found people that I had things in common with and I decided to not be that girl who were hiding from people. Yes I enjoy too much to be alone and I feel uncomfortable around new people. After two years in this city I’m not spending so much time alone. I still appreciate the times when I can watch any movie alone or just do something else. But the fact is that I like company, I like to be surrounded by people especially my best friends and my boyfriend.

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1 thought on “Anti social but forced to be social

  1. I considered myself introverted. I like quiet times, peaceful settings, especially with one friend or a significant other. Those are the best.

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