10 facts about me

  1. I got a lot of spam after I pressed an ad and filled in my e-mail because it said that I could win chocolate (Who doesn’t want chocolate?).
  2. It feels like my tia Neyla is my biggest fan on my blog, she comments everything and she wrote me a very long message when I felt like sh*t. I was so moved by the message so I started to cry. It is thanks to her and my best friend Sara that I still Some write as often as I can.
  3.  Yes I want my boyfriend to come with me to Colombia so he can meet my family. I want my brothers to see how happy I am and how in love I am with him. First I guess I need to teach him some Spanish.
  4. I started with the DNA- search so I could find out more about my biological father, now I’m curious about everyones that I match my DNA story.
  5. These days I feel less angry, well I have my moments but I let myself be sad when I am sad and therefor I don’t need to be angry. Well I still feel angry because I’m scared. I guess I need to work with that. Honestly…. if I’m really angry with somebody, they totally deserve it.
  6. Admire both of my moms for who they are and what they need to handle day by day. I guess it’s not easy to be a mom.
  7. I can be so poetic sometimes, when I’m emotional I just write a poem like I lived during Jane Austins time.
  8. I think about my grandfather everyday, I hope he is watching me from above while I’m making him proud.
  9. Sometimes I want to go away for a weekend, somewhere where nobody knows me, where I can take a break from everything and everybody so I can write and process everything that is happening in my life. I still dream about sitting on a café in the sun in the south part of Spain just so I can drink that orange juice and write my book.
  10. I love children and I like every child in the kindergarten so much that I can dream about them. Some are shy, some are talking about their own ideas and thoughts and some of them have their glimpse in their eyes.

Author: Ebba Katherine

My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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