A daughter / Son?

She stares at you with a hint of a smile, she follows every move you take. She has her teddy bear in her hand and still don’t want to be left out of sight. She can’t talk but she can communicate, every gesture and every sound explain what she want and how she feels. I look at her hair, she’s someones. She look like someone.

He, a boy with unique green eyes, he smiles and I can’t stop smiling because he has the cutest smile ever. He talks with his sister in a language I can’t understand then he laughs when he see that I try to understand.

I want to have something that is 50% like me a person that looks like me and has a part of the personality from me. I want a person to make me feel genuinely motivated. I want everybody to look at this boy/ girl and they will say “He/She got your eyes” or “He/ she is as stubborn as you”.

I want that.

Maybe not now but when I got a stabile job. Everything else in my life is feeling perfect, I found the true love, I found the perfect profession and I found my biological family. Everything is better than ever, I’m ready for the next chapter or the next book.

I think I think a little bit extra about this because it took 16 years for me to find people who belonged to me by the DNA. While my friends showed me photos of them at the hospital, I only had photos from the hotel in Colombia. They were best friends with their moms because they were so alike. I am the total opposite to my mom sometimes (I love her for that though),  Then I want a daughter or son to have her/his biological parents present and he/she will know the parents and stop doubting about everything.


Mom if you read this don’t be worried I will not have a child now because my education is a thing I need to complete before.


Author: Ebba Katherine

My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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