My computer smells like popcorn and I’m frustrated

I’m sorry for not so many posts this weekend, the reason? well: I studied, my boyfriend spent his last week in my apartment before he needed to move to another city because he got his degree in composite technology (woop woop) and I need to study very much until the summer is beginning. So why am so frustrated?

  • Apparently it is very hard to get a drivers license in Sweden and I just want one.
  • My boyfriend is moving away from me, but I know that it will only be like this until I’m getting my degree.

Uhm yeah so it feels a bit lonely here and I can’t concentrate. I should study but who can do that when all you wanna know is if it’s possible to go by bus to him this summer since I don’t have a drivers license.


Author: Ebba Katherine

My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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