Women against women

I am so freaking tired of women who are against women. Now you start to wonder what I mean, well I have a few examples.

Women who say “it’s your own fault that men harass you. You can’t wear that and think that nothing will happen. Men is getting provoked”. It’s not our fault that some men are assholes, it is not our fault that some men think it is okay to grab our ass at the club or anything worse. It is our right to wear whatever we want, we shouldn’t adapt to what men find provoking. That’s why we needed #metoo. Many women are getting sexually abused but they are to scared to tell anyone. They blame them selves and value them selves less after the abuse. The frustrating thing here is that other women still blame women for wearing wrong clothes, women should be on other women’s side not against them!

Let’s talk about abortion. You see I brought up sexual abuse. Let’s say that you’re sexually abused, you feel weak, you blame yourself and you’re starting to hurt yourself. First you start with bad thoughts about yourself like “I’m not worth this life”, “Of course he did this to me I did wrong, I shouldn’t have drink that much “. Then you find it better with a blade so the pain inside of you will disappear. On top of that you notice that you haven’t gotten your period, you’re pregnant and you feel so alone. To get birth to this child will make you look in the eyes of the man who raped you. If this child is given away it will be sat in a system. It will move from family to family feeling unwanted, even if the child will come to one family it will feel unwanted.

An abortion in the early weeks will not kill the “baby” because it never lived.

Legalizing abortion will save a lot of women who does it illegal in some countries. They go to people who promise they will help them and they will bleed to death. Is that right?

To be against abortion will not make less women go through an abortion. It will make less women die of an abortion.

It’s not your choice to choose if someone should go through an abortion or not, as long as it is not your body we’re talking about.

Personally adoption is a pretty bad choice since you will suffer from the loss of a baby and the baby will suffer from the loss of a mother, a feeling that can’t be fixed even though you’re 23 years old and have contact with her again.

If you’re a woman think about what you would have done if that was your sister who was raped or harassed, you wouldn’t blame your sister right?


Author: Ebba Katherine

My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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