Ebba the fighter

I know you are sitting there and wonder there Ebba is and how it went with her and her sadness. Well I’m here and I feel better. Why? because I decided to do something about everything, I started to working out on the gym. I’m physical stronger but also mentally stronger. Well I can’t take all the cred since my Hsp- coach made me think more positive. You know, all the bullshit is in my head and I can actually do something about it. I can control myself, that is one thing I can control. So if I keep going to bully myself I’m going to find that imaginary “angel” so it can knock all negativity, anxiety and sadness out of my head. I’m not taking any shit from myself anymore.

I have goals and that is to keep studying, to keep fighting against my anxiety and then finish so I can move in with my boyfriend. Remember that as long as you have goals you have something to fight for.

I have also been thinking of add Suares as my surname for real because I will have a part of my colombian family in my name. I’m still not sure how I do that but I will do that I think because my sister planted the idea in my head and she has always good ideas.


Author: Ebba Katherine

My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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