Just me thinking again

I have been thinking about a thing. The reason why we dislike a person is that we only see the negative about that person, we start to get annoyed by how that person acts and it’s like a bug in our brain. The negative things about that person won’t disappear.

Suddenly we hear a weakness about the person, we hear that the person have its own problems and we start to see both perspectives. The more we start to know about that person the less we get annoyed by him/her.

So before you start to talk behind someones back, get to know that person and let each other talk from your perspectives and how you feel about things the other person does.

Yes I know that this text is like a research but I’m studying about conflicts in school and it’s impressive about how simple it is with understanding people as long as you let them understand you.


Author: Ebba Katherine

My name is Ebba Katherine, I was born in Colombia 1995, I'm writing about my life as adopted with two families.

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