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Born November 3 and live in Sweden. I was adopted when I was a little baby. I have always thought of my family and wondered who they were. And I got the answer. I found my biological mom Betty Yanneth in may 20 2012. That was the best day ever.   In October 25 2013 I finally met my biological family and it went so good. Now I feel more Colombian. But they are still living very far from me and I’m struggling with everything about having two families. I have many thoughts and opinions about adoption. Both positive and negative opinions.

My brother Jhon Edwin is my only brother with the same father and we look so alike. Even though he is five years older than me, it feels like I have been separated from my twin. I always knew about him that’s why he is so special to me. That’s why the blog is called dearedwin.

I am writing in english mostly of the time but sometimes you’ll see a post in Spanish as well.


Me llamo Ebba Katherine y soy adoptada de Colombia.Nací el tercero de noviembre 1995 y fui adoptada en marzo 1996. Siempre he pensado a mi familia biologica y me pregunté quiénes eran. En  el Mayo 20 2012 encontré a mi mamá biologica Betty por facebook y me sentí muy feliz y esta dia es el mejor dia de mi vida. En el año 2013 octubre 25, finalmente conocí a mi familia y sentí muy feliz y contenta. Ahora siento más como una colombiana y me siento completa.

En este blog estoy escribiendo cosas de mi vida como una adoptada. Jhon Edwin es mi mayor hermano. Él es el único que tiene los mismos padres biológicos como yo y que también somos muy similares. Yo siempre supe que tenía un hermano en Colombia toda mi vida y por lo que he pensado mucho en él. Por eso mi blog se llama dearedwin (significa querido Edwin).

Estoy escribiendo en ambos ingles y Español. Estoy aprendiendo español dia por dia.



5 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. I think its so interesting that you are so diverse and have family in two different parts of the world, I love my family in Colombia and I also wish to get closer to them.

    • Thank you for your comment, yes it’s unbelievable that I feel so close to them. Where in Colombia are you from? And where do you live now?

      • I was born in Bogota, Colombia and now live in the United States but I am graduating soon and moving back to be with family!

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