DNA and the genes are so cool, they define a part of us and we get that from our parents. Before I found my biological family I didn’t care so much about the DNA, I thought that I’m unique, maybe I’m weird sometimes because my siblings are not like me. Then I found my family and I realised that there are people who look like me and there are a person that I got my eyes from and a part of my personality.

I know that a part of my personality is from how I grew up but not my skinny legs or brown eyes and the fact that I have allergies and difficulties why my sight.

I am that kind of person who want to know as much as possible, so yeah I want to know a bit more about my biological dad. Not because I kind of miss him (I have a dad already). I want to know if it is from him I got these bad parts of my personality and if he had as big nose and spongebob squarepants- shape of the head. Yes he is dead and when I tell people that I don’t sound a bit sad because I didn’t know him. I just want to know more about where I came from.


Oh god everybody should by their own mixer and make themselves a smoothie. Delicious and more healthy than soda.

So what’s up for today? Well my DNA test is almost finished and I can’t wait to see the result!

What do you do when you’re unemployed?

Seriously I've been unemployed since the start of the summer, I've been searching everywhere and I'm starting to get anxious. I want to earn my own money so I can:

  • Be more independent from my parents.
  • I can buy that camera I've always wanted.
  • I can go to Colombia with my boyfriend (honestly he needs to meet the whole family)
  • I can just stop worry about the economic situation.

So how do I keep the hope alive?

I hear your voice and you remind me of how much I miss you

I’ve tried to stay strong by thinking that he is alright and I’m alright. Then Jhon got a new cellphone and sent me a voice message. I was reminded all over again that I miss him so much. It’s kind of cool how the love is so strong even though I met him for the first time when I was eighteen. I hope that I soon will have the time to go to my other family since they are a big part of me.

Life as a HSP

I can’t describe how thankful I am for that my boyfriends family welcomed me to the family and let me stay there for almost a month. As always I’m getting anxious when I have to say goodbye to my boyfriend but I’m only going to be without for two weeks. 

I don’t know why but I’m getting anxious and sad everytime I have to say goodbye to people I love.

  • When I was nine years old and spent the summer with my cousin I cried and felt miserable for leaving her.
  • Colombia. Okay that’s logic since they live so far away but I felt so sad, days after I came to Sweden. 
  • Language- education- trip to England and Spain. I cried so much for leaving the people I met.
  • Confirmation camp- I met new people, and old people and I cried so much when I came home even though we all lived in the same city.

I guess that it is because I’m a highly sensitive person who gets too emotional about things. I must say that I hate that I cried like a baby the night before I was going home to my own family.

Running away

Things didn’t go as I planned and that was horrible, I felt horrible. I knew that if I stayed I would feel alone and miserable and I also knew that I wouldn’t feel better if I stayed with my family. So I took the train and went to my grannies, we had a great time and I were able to relax. Then I missed my boyfriend so I decided to stay for a few days. Well a few days turned into a week and a half until my mom called me and said that she missed me. So now I’m here with my family missing the love of my life but I will go back because I can’t go a week without being with him, love is powerful and it’s so cool how I just know that he is everything I’ve ever searched for.