Not much but I’m happy

I’m so happy that I can write to my Biological family and that I can enough spanish to talk with them. I don’t know how and with who but I will go to Colombia next year! It would be great if both my families met. Because I want them to know each other like I know them.


dear edwin part 5

Did you know that people die everyday and people get killed everyday. I understand that 9/11 is important to many (also me). But we must help people to survive.

I saw many films about 9/11 and it is horrible to watch. I can admit that I’m so angry at these terrorist who take lives. 

I couldn’t feel what people felt when they had lost someone they knewed.

I remember one time when someone called my cousin and told her that a friend of her died in a car-accident. I gave her a hug because I knew this was sad. But I couldn’t feel anything.

When I found our mum and she told me that our dad died, I thought it wasn’t so sad because he just left you and mum. But now I’m thinking back. Maybe he regret something and was on his way to meet you again, but he died.

I still feel so lost about everything. When mum told me that our cousins mum got killed. I was really broken. This couldn’t happend, I talked to her one time and she was so sympatic, so why her?

I’m thinking of her children. They lived with her!

So the time can do everything with us, it can take you away from me. That’s why I want to meet you, my other brothers and my mum right now! 

Don’t wait for things to happend…do it

When I was younger I thought “I can’t wait untill I’ll be a teenager, I will be like an adult. I will do what I want”. But now… I’m teenager, I have more responsibility, I want to be that girl who had fun, that girl who thought it was disgusting with boys. 

I shouldn’t complain more, but I want to say to Olivia and Diego that they have to do everything fun now. Jhon is already working because they need money. While I’m sitting here and don’t know what I should do in the future. The time is fast!