Hsp- how to make your life easier

Since this summer when I got the book about HSP and found out that I’m not a sensitive freak… or at least I’m not alone about being a sensitive freak. I have read about ways to make your life easier, to prevent all these emotional downhills. I’m going to write this here:

– Make place for some alone time, even though you have been surrounded by people that make you feel safe, you need some time to think about the day and all the impressions.

– Structure your life, plan from the day you wake up to the day you go to sleep so you’ll not have any bad surprises nor disappointments.

– Don’t blame yourself for feeling what you’re feeling, blame the others for not understanding.

– Talk to someone about your feelings because that will make you feel calmer and happier.

– Sleep at least 8 hours, one hour less can make us feel even more sensitive.

Don’t forget that you’re not weird, you are just you!


Searching for a person for a person 

Anyone recognize the man or the child in the poster he is holding “Victor.” He is an apparent adoptive father and the child was from La Casa de la Madre y El Niño. Any help appreciated.

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Yesterdays Events

It was Lucia yesterday (My friend was Lucia, the tallest girl in the choir).  And we were going to sing at a home for immigrants (people who recently came to Sweden). I believe that many of these people came from countries where it is war. So I stood there in front of these people and sang. While I sang I looked at babies, children, women and men. They all saw very excited and happy. But I couldn’t stop thinking that all these people had been through so much horrible things. Children shouldn’t experience those kind of things like fear, loss and hunger. Our choir leader always says that we need to smile while we sing but I couldn’t. I looked at the man who looked a bit tired that maybe he lost his family. And I looked at the woman with her baby and thought that she was on her way to Sweden while she was pregnant. I’m glad that they all came to Sweden, and I hope they all will get asylum. Then I think of the people who are left in Syria or Afghanistan and have to live a normal life while people they know are dying and the bombs are falling from the sky. God should know that I feel for them, I wish I could help them.

Well here in Sweden there are a campaign to give the children in war countries an education and maybe a chance to a future. It is called “Musikhjälpen”, where you can start your own collection box and chose a name and make people offer money to your collection box. I offered money to the box “Förskollärare i Sverige”, many people have offered money to this campaign and I hope more money will be offering money.

If you know another campaign in your country to offer money to poor countries, please do that. It is needed!


Mental illness

If you don’t feel good psychologically don’t keep your feelings for yourself. If you don’t have anyone to talk to take contact to a counsellor. 6 months passed and I had no one to talk to or I didn’t want to talk with anyone since I’m a reserved person. I only talk about my feelings with my family and nearest friends. 

The result of not talking with anyone is that you’ll feel worse. 

The first time I went to my counselor I was a bit skeptic since it was a man. But now, months after, I’m so happy that I booked that meeting and that made me feel better, sometimes I still don’t feel good but it could have been worse. I’m here, I’m not giving up and feel better for every day.


So in my dear Sweden we are celebraiting something called Lucia. The 13th of December people are singing with lights in their hands and the person who are first in this train of people in white dresses is the “Lucia”. The Lucia has candles in the hair while the other people have candles in their hands.


I got two things to talk about this.

  1.  I’m singing in a choir and I’m going to be a part of this celebration. The last time I was a part of this I was twelve years old. It feels very weird to wear a white dress since it looks like something you sleep in. Except that I’m very nervous since my siblings are coming to dear Varberg just to watch me. And yeah I begged them to come and see me so I can’t complain.
  2. A swedish company (clothes) shared a pic of a child in this kind of dress. The child was a black boy….and the haters started to hating on this poor boy. The racists started to hate about that he had the wrong skin color. And other people started to hate because it was a boy. I mean come on ! It is a stupid tradition, nobody cared about it before so why do it now? And it is a free country, people are allowed to do what they want and be who they are, no matter skin color or gender.

bild-2016-12-06-kl-15-20I kind of look like Lucia right? Right now there are a campaign in Sweden called #IAmLucia

And maybe you’ll get a pic of me in that awkward dress.