I’m tired

Yesterday me and my sister was at her biological mothers home, I didn’t get much sleep, because in the morning we went to my sisters younger biological siblings school, then we fixed our nails with her mom and then we got stock in the traffic. 

During noon time we went to our orphanage Los Pisingos! And they got a dog which they adopted because the dog was living in the streets, so he got the name Pisingo, the cutest dog ever!!!  



Los pisingos

I want to work at my orphanage for a while because I love to take care of small children. And just to be with the oldest who doesn’t have a family and give them some hope will make me feel so good. But that will wait, first I need to study, but however that is my dream!

Puedes ayudar esta mujer

Puedes ayudar esta mujer


Yeny Morales is looking for her daughter:

I’m a mother who is searching for my daughter who can be everywhere in the world.  After my pregnancy I heard by Los Pisingos that she was in the netherlands but I’m not sure that is true. I think they said that to me because I shouldn’t ask more.

My daughter was born in Bogota Colombia May 30 the year 2000, the time was 8:05 in the morning. In the civil registration It says that her name is Alicia Morales. I have just one photo of her.